Main Conference Programme

Day 1 - Wednesday, 26 November 2019

08:00 Registration and Refreshments

Registration and Refreshments

09:00 Inaugural Address

Inaugural Address

09:10 Industry Keynote Addresses

Industry Keynote Addresses

09:30 Industry Address: Leading Trends in Mobility and Related Security


Dr. Jonathan Reichental

Dr. Jonathan Reichental

Former CIO
City of Palo Alto

10:00 Inauguration of the Exhibition and Networking Break

Inauguration of the Exhibition and Networking Break

Session 1: Road to Success: Implementation of Alternate Energy Vehicles – EVs and Fuel Cells

This session would involve latest updates on user friendliness and road worthiness of electric and hybrid vehicles with the region, deriving best practices from other countries, latest technology developments from manufacturers and critical infrastructures and latest battery technologies.

10:30 Charging Networks and their Roll Out

  • EV technology adoption
  • Risks and challenges with EV battery capacity
  • Systems overload and high cost investments

11:00 Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure – Lessons from a UK Case Study


Akin Adamson

Akin Adamson

Director - Middle East
Ricardo Energy and Environment



• The things to think about when planning electric vehicle infrastructure
• How this was tackled as part of a UK example
• Key learnings and lessons for other geographies

11:30 UN Global Technical Regulation (UN GTR) No. 20 on Electric Vehicle Safety – Challenges for the Phase II of the UN GTR Vehicles Maintenance and Safety


Edoardo Gianotti

Edoardo Gianotti

Vehicle Regulations and Transport Innovations Section
UNECE Sustainable Transport Division



• Performance mismatch between the lab and the real world
• More need for government regulations in safety and maintenance

12:00 Market Awareness and Consumer Acceptance: The Battle Won


Geir S. Malmedal

Geir S. Malmedal

Head of Policy Department
Norwegian Automobile Federation




• Incentives and subsidies as the driver for the future
• Market penetration and awareness as key
• Achieving the future transportation goal on country level

12:30 Interactive Panel Discussion: Infrastructure Requirements Enabling EV and Fuel Cells in the UAE

Interactive Panel Discussion: Infrastructure Requirements Enabling EV and Fuel Cells in the UAE

13:00 Prayer and Lunch Break

Prayer and Lunch Break

Session 2: ITS: Embracing Technology for Smarter Mobility Solutions

This session will look at latest developments in field of technology and its integration into the already existing systems.

14:00 Role of Accurate Simulations in Making Mobility Safer


Ronald Adams

Ronald Adams

Project Manager - Smart Mobility
Amsterdam Practical Trial


• Amsterdam Practical Trail
• Pilot projects and roll outs
• These studies paving the way for other metropolitan cities to incorporate the technologies

14:30 How Infotainment Units are shaping the Future of Driver Experience

  • How does infotainment provide a holistic vehicle connectivity
  • Integration of the infotainment data into OEMs
  • The future of connected infotainment

15:00 The Elephant in the Room: EV Batteries Maintenance, Scrappage and Recycling


Sture Portvik

Sture Portvik

Project Manager - EV
City of Oslo



• Solving major EV batteries sustainability issues
• Lithium battery recycling and re utilization
• Will rise in EV pose a battery recycling challenge?

15:30 Coffee and Networking Break

Coffee and Networking Break

16:00 Protecting Cars Against Cyber Attacks

  • Preventing recent hacks on car systems
  • Cars as mini datacenters
  • Enabling cars to fight cyber-attacks on their own

16:30 Interactive Panel Discussion

Interactive Panel Discussion

17:00 Closing Remarks from the Chair

Closing Remarks from the Chair

17:10 End of Day 1

End of Day 1