About the Exhibition

The exhibition floor is where delegates and visitors can explore innovations and technologies helping to transform the mobility landscape, where they do business and meet fellow mobility leaders and professionals showcasing projects, intelligence and insights into future solutions.

Our exhibitors are leading companies in the global mobility market and will showcase their brand and services during the 2 days of the event.

Key solutions on the exhibition floor:
• Car dealers and distributors
• EV battery manufacturers
• Infrastructure developers
• IT solution providers
• Telematics solution provider
• Cyber security
• Infotainment
• Sensors, radars and cameras
• Connectivity solution providers
• IoT
• Smart grids and metering

Key Features:

Government Pavilion:

This will be a zone on the exhibition floor dedicated to government institutes which will showcase their initiatives towards smarter, greener and alternate energy vehicles in the country. This will be platform for the respective governments to represent, how their technologies and initiatives are helping shape the future of mobility

Future Initiators:

This zone will be dedicated to start up tech companies who have been working towards developing software and solutions, which are not out in the industry yet, but could be the future technological take over.

Tech Zone:

Leading technology provider will show case their services which have been successful in other parts of the world, and can be a revolution for this region as well. 

Future Leaders Hub:

This program will take place at a dedicated spot on the exhibition floor. These sessions will provide a platform to innovative tech companies and startups to showcase their products or solutions as a “game changer” for the mobility industry.

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