Emirates International Future Mobility Award

About the Award:

Over the last 4 years, the International Conference on Future Mobility has undoubtedly established itself as the region’s most eminent annual gathering of influential leaders in smart, sustainable, intelligent and next generation mobility.

Now in the 5th annual edition of the conference which will be held on 26 - 27 November 2019 at the Grand Hyatt, Dubai, UAE we are delighted to launch the 2nd edition of the “Emirates International Future Mobility Award”.

Recognising and celebrating research undertaken by Universities across the region in sustainable mobility, development of supporting infrastructure and digital innovation in mobility, the award will pay tribute to the best university student projects and research that will significantly contribute towards sustainable mobility.

By entering the Award, universities will be able to showcase their projects, research and prototypes that empower transformation in the mobility landscape. In addition to paying tribute to the university projects, the Award will also be an opportunity to celebrate the combined success of the automotive sector in the region.

On the morning of 26th November 2019, the industry’s key influencers and thought leaders will gather then to witness the success and progress made by the region’s automotive and transport sector as the Emirates International Future Mobility Award culminates into a showcase for visionaries steering the industry’s progress and setting the path for the future.


Sustainable Mobility: This category highlights projects or programmers in transportation that reduce gas emissions and other air pollutants with the usage of clean energy. Sustainable Mobility is the vision of most countries in the world, and this cannot be achieved without reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

2. Digital Innovation: This category highlights projects that use programmers, solutions or apps to improve the performance and/or autonomy of vehicles. While talking of Future Mobility, connectivity plays a quintessential role in translating the vision of a Smart City into reality. Therefore, this category will also highlight V2V, V2I and V2X connectivity.

3. Green Infrastructure: This category highlights projects which cover batteries, charging, stations and battery disposal for eco-friendly vehicles. An important aspect to consider within Electric Mobility in the region is the ‘weather’. Temperatures in the GCC can rise quite high during the summer months, therefore, battery durability, fast charging, charging capacity, contactless charging and battery disposal do play an important role in future mobility.

For more information on the awards and to submit your entries please contact:

Jumana Mashraqui
+971 56 4098724