Free charging, free Salik tags for electric cars in Dubai

Dubai roads and energy authorities are giving residents a raft of new incentives to get rid of their old petrol powered cars in favour of zero-carbon emission electric vehicles.

Consumers who opt to purchase electric cars will enjoy a number of special new incentives.

In a new roadmap to greener roads unveiled by Dubai on Sunday at the Armani Hotel at Burj Khalifa, officials pledged major savings for new electric cars owners.

New electric car owners will be able to charge their vehicles for free until 2019, use free designated green parking in Dubai, get free electric vehicle registration and renewal fees as well as a free Salik tag and a licence plate sticker identifying the vehicle as an electric car.

Saeed Mohammad Al Tayer, Managing Director and CEO of Dubai Electricity and Water, said “under the umbrella of the Supeme Energy Council, Dewa is working on implementing the Dubai Green Mobility Initiative to promote the use of electric and hybrid vehicles."

"This supports the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 for Dubai to have the lowest carbon footprint in the world by 2050 and the Dubai Carbon Abatement Strategy to slash carbon emissions by 16 per cent by 2021,” Al Tayer said.

Source: Gulfnews -